PETA continues fight against Hermès, now as a shareholder

Animal rights activist group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has taken their campaign against Hermès a step further by becoming a shareholder.

As reported by People, Jane Birkin requested just this week to have her name removed from the luxury Birkin bag, and PETA is already continuing their fight to get the company to stop using exotic animal skins. It all began when PETA published footage of crocodile farms in Texas and Zimbabwe, where the animals are allegedly inhumanely slaughtered to create Hermès watch bands and the iconic Birkin bag. After becoming aware of the practices, Birkin asked that her name be removed from the product.

According to a recent WWD report, PETA U.S. just acquired a single share in the French luxury label, which grants it access to shareholder meetings. Mimi Bekhechi, the director of PETA U.K., explained that “As a shareholder, PETA U.S. will work from inside to demand a permanent ban on accessories made from exotic animal skins, including crocodile skin bags and alligator skin watch bands.”

Following Birkin’s decision to have her name removed from the bag, Hermès has decided to investigate the Texas farm PETA focused on in the video, even though that particular facility does not actually supply the crocodile skins used for Birkin bags.

At this point, it is hard to say how Hermès will handle PETA as the battle continues.

Image via Instagram from PETA