Olivia Wilde serves as chief brand activist for True Botanicals

The actress used to rep Revlon.

Courtesy of Wochit Entertainment

As a celebrity with a platform, Olivia Wilde has chosen to advocate for True Botanicals, the natural skincare brand that’s a far cry from the mass brands she has represented.

True Botanicals tapped the actress as its first celebrity endorsement for good reason.

“She’s the spark,” Christina Mace-Turner said.

“We’re part of a growing number of businesses thinking about sustainable practices and changing the norms in our industry,” the chief executive officer of True Botanicals explained. “Olivia completely got what we were doing and it felt like a very natural partnership.”

In fact, the chief brand activist role was created specifically for the mother of two, whose interest in safe products came after getting pregnant.

“We sort of made it up,” the 33-year-old said on her new title. “I’m thrilled to be part of the company as an advocate and help spread the word about the important mission they’re on, whether it’s talking to consumers and vouching for it personally, testifying before congress, learning about the research behind the need for these [nontoxic] products, learning about clinical trials, [or becoming involved in the actual [product development]. I’m really eager to learn more about what consumers are looking for.”

Wilde also acknowledged the misconception on natural skincare products and their effectiveness.

“People assume these nontoxic, natural products are beautiful and lovely and they smell great and you feel pious using them, but that they aren’t actually going to solve the problems you have,” Wilde told Women’s Wear Daily. “[True Botanicals] actually addresses specific issues — whether it’s antiaging or acne. Once I tried the products I thought, ‘This is something really exciting.’”

Certified Made Safe without harmful ingredients, True Botanicals’ products are available on its website.