Mo’Nique shines on cover of SHEEN Magazine

Credit: Sheen Magazine

If anyone has been wondering where comedian and actress Mo’Nique has been hiding, let’s just say she has definitely been working on her. The Oscar-winning actress, has lost over 100 pounds in the last year. 

On Thurs., Oct. 13 Mo’Nique made the cover of the November 2016 issue of SHEEN Magazine showing off her slimmer figure in a gold, dazzling dress. The issue not only covers the beautiful results, but it also reveals the hard work blood, sweat and heels that the hollywood actress had to put in to reach her goal.

Mo'Nique, SheenMo’Nique openly spoke about her exercise routine on the talk show The Preachers where she mentions that her husband was her inspiration for losing the weight. She goes further into saying ”I’ve been dancing. I love to dance, and when your are a certain size people underestimate you and take you as a joke. But I had to ignore that inner voice and listen to my husband about eating healthy and I did what I loved to do which is dance.”   

Inside the issue you will find other snapshots of Mo’Nique looking sexy and confident.

Viewers also get to see images of her working out from her Instagram page. In one section, she expresses how she feels about where she is in her fitness journey. “Wow, today I am having a proud moment. This position right here has taken me three years to do by myself. Didn’t happen overnight. I refused to give up. Sisters just don’t quit!”

To add on to her success, in the issue it also covers the Oscar Winning actresses role in her latest comedy film, Almost Christmas! coming to theaters on Nov. 11.