Model to Watch: Luna Bijl

This newcomer model is a total tomboy and we love it!

Luna Bijl is the top newcomer.
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You might have seen her on a runway or two, so it’s no surprise that Luna Bijl is quickly rising up the ranks as a Model to Watch.

With her brimming freckles and adorable personality, no wonder Vogue called her “Modeling’s Insta Girl Antidote.”

The 19-year-old has walked for Fendi and Balmain just recently, and she’s already appearing in two covers for French Vogue.

The Dutch model hasn’t let this go to her head, though, as she didn’t even know about the covers until later.

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“They [Vogue] didn’t tell me I was going to be on the cover,” Luna said. “For me it was just as big a surprise as for everyone else; I got emotional the first time I saw the pictures.”

While some models may lament on the tedious work that is modeling, the motocross enthusiast feels otherwise.

“For me, standing in front of the camera is an escape from reality.” Luna continues, “You get to see yourself in a very different way; you can play different characters and change into these different roles.”

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Not only does the model want to enjoy being in front of the camera, she likes to be behind the camera as well.

“I never expected it, but I really like shooting photographs,” Luna told Paris Vogue. “The moment I get in front of the subject, I am in a different world. I love creating a picture that people will look at for hours and which will make them think.”

As for her modeling goals, Luna aspires to take “iconic pictures,” which she hopes people will continue to talk about even when she’s older.