Model to Watch: Alicia Burke

Alicia showcases so much strength in her editorials.

Alicia Burke poses in this strong editorial.
Courtesy of Wonderland Magazine

Model Alicia Burke should become a household name after her catwalks during fashion week.

Born in Jamaica, the 22-year-old New Yorker stole the show during fashion week. She was chosen to walk for designers Stella McCartney, Emporio Armani and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few.

Not only have Vogue and the New York Times featured Alicia this year, the photoshoots she has been styled in highlights her strong angles.

When Alicia says, “I am not a fashion person,” we believe her, since she cites jeans as her favorite clothing.

Nevertheless, modeling has always been in her trajectory even before Pulse Models’ Caribbean Model Search. After winning the contest last year, Alicia still never imagined she would get the opportunities to walk in show after show.

“When I was younger I would walk around my house and imagine being on the runway or in front of the camera taking pictures,” Alicia tells Vogue.

More than a model of the moment, Alicia has since taken a detour from her studies in midwifery (seriously!).

While traveling for fashion week might seem fun, Alicia does appear homesick. “I am a crybaby—tough on the outside but very soft on the inside.” Alicia continues, “When I’m not modeling I’m spending time with my family since I hardly get to do that.”

We’re eager to see more opportunities for the budding model for years to come.

Currently, Alicia is represented by Supreme Management, Women Milan and Models 1.

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