Minimalist style ideas to bring back the basics

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My wardrobe is half outfits I’ve worn to death and half clothing I’ve worn once and never seen again. The frustration I get from all those untouched, out-of-style clothes drives me through the roof. However, I’m definitely not the only one. The need for trendy basics that won’t go out of style and wardrobes stocked with essentials has brought minimalist style to the forefront of the fashion world.

“Capsule wardrobes,” or collections of timeless clothing items, are very popular in the today’s fashion realm. Stylish men and women are simplifying their wardrobe to a few essentials to maximize the use each piece gets. Minimalist fashion includes monochrome and neutral color palettes, color-blocking, and textures. A minimalist wardrobe is, in essence, made up of pieces you can mix, match, and layer.

This minimalist mindset has inspired me to compile a list of style ideas that make stylish use of basic clothing pieces.

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