Michelle Phan relaunches her Em Cosmetics brand

Move over, Kylie. Michelle needs her crown back.

The YouTube guru, who went from Xanga to revolutionizing subscription beauty boxes, has revamped her Em Cosmetics line.

Since  Michelle Phan has taken a break from the digital world, Kylie Jenner has dominated the lip kit sphere.

Yet, the entrepreneur, who gave us Lady Gaga makeup tutorials, is back with a relaunch that will definitely appeal to her fan base.

Phan told Refinery29 that her followers wanted her to create non-drying liquid lipsticks, so come April 17, they will see just that.

The new Infinite Lip Clouds ($16) arrive in eight shades that go on sheer and have a buildable effect. Moreover, they can double as cheek stains for the gal on the go.

In addition to a lip collection, Phan has also created Illustrative Eyeliners ($15): one with a felt-tip end and another one with a brush-tip.

The reasoning? The felt tip allows for a thicker line, while the brush tip gives that thin cat eye flick that are sought to achieve.

Phan, who has an arts background, explained, “The pointed tip is inspired by comic-book pens that allow you to create thin, dynamic lines with ease.”

Now, could we be expecting glittery lip kits or scented palettes anytime soon? Maybe not.

“When I took this brand back, I wanted to keep it more timeless and elegant,” relays Phan. “I could have done the more trendy things like the highlighters and stuff, but then I was like, No, I want to focus on the things that I wear all the time and that my viewers want to wear.”

Head over to emcosmetics.com to buy the cosmetics line.