Michelle Phan falls For April Fool’s joke

Image courtesy of Icon YouTube screen shot

YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan falls for an April Fool’s prank when her content collaborators Jamie Greenberg and Kassie Isabelle made the 27-year-old believe that someone was about to give birth on set of a magazine photo shoot.

Phan arrived ten minutes earlier than her scheduled time, but those in on the joke played the part as the supposedly pregnant woman on set exaggerated on her contractions before her water breaks.

The episode almost did not make it on camera when Michelle shooed the male cameramen away.

The debut episode aired on Greenberg’s Pretty Little Pranksters, which will feature celebrities and recognizable faces getting pranked by Greenberg, a make-up artist.

According to Teen Vogue, Phan just launched her video network, ICON on March 31.

In partnership with Endemol Shine Group, Phan shares the goal to her new network: “We are a community that believes in the power of unity, curiosity, adventure and the limitless mind. Most importantly we believe EVERYONE IS AN ICON. Join us on this journey and let’s dream big together.”