Men’s Rings: Some fine points for ring-wearing etiquette

By: Edward Francis

Men’s rings actually have a special significance throughout history.

One of the most popular and influential use of the ring is emphasized by the signet ring. These rings are now a rare sight, but they used to serve an important function. The signet ring was also known as the gentlemen’s ring as it was worn and used by the gentlemen in society to seal, or approve a document. Every ring was unique to both the person and the family; its seal carried the same weight as a signature does today. In fact, in the fourteenth century it was decreed that all official documents must be marked with the seal of the King’s ring.

The majority of signet rings are destroyed upon the death of their owner, but there are a few which have been handed down over the generations and now have tremendous sentimental value. Nowadays rings are worn as a fashion statement and the following tips will help you understand the right way to wear your ring or rings.

Which hand?

There is not actually any rule regarding which hand is the right one to wear the majority of your rings. Of course, your wedding ring, and engagement ring are generally accepted as being on your left ring finger. But even this is not set in stone. Men who choose to marry in an Eastern Orthodox Church will find their wedding ring being placed on the right ring finger.
Engagement rings are not often worn by men; this means there is no etiquette established for this type of ring. Generally, right-handed men will wear their rings on their left hand, but it is acceptable to use the right. Each finger has its own style and significance.

The Little Finger

The smallest of all your fingers can be an excellent choice for a statement ring. In the majority of cultures it does not have any religious; or even cultural significance. It will not brush against the index finger and aggravate any movement, including pointing. The little finger is also at the end of the hand which lends itself nicely to holding the best display rings; something that will really catch the eye.

The Ring Finger

This is, traditionally, the wedding ring finger and should be reserved for this special ring! The ring itself can be any style; from simple gold band to a widely artistic interpretation of a unicorn! Interestingly, a simple band will be seen by others as a wedding ring, an artistic ring may well be seen more as a fashion statement.

The Middle Finger

Wearing a ring, particularly a bulky ring, on this finger is likely to interfere with your daily tasks as it will make it awkward to engage in fine detail, manual tasks. The best rings for this finger are smaller and simple. Interestingly, this is actually the finger that many first time ring wearers opt for. This is mainly because it appears manly and safe!

The Index Finger

It is very common to keep this finger clear of all rings; after all, a big ring can look ostentatious and will often be noticed. It is also tempting not to put a ring in this finger as you may believe it will interfere with your ability to use your finger properly. In fact, a ring on the middle finger will cause more problems. In fact, this was, historically, the best finger for the signet ring. It is now the recommended one for your class ring or a membership ring. Rings on this finger will attract a lot of attention as they are waved around a lot; make sure the ring gives out the right personal message!

The Thumb

This is not something that has taken off excessively in the western world. However, in many other cultures a ring on the thumb shows someone who has wealth and power. The ring will be big and bulky; reflecting the wealth of the wearer. In fashion terms the thumb ring allows you to make a statement without leaving your hand too crowded!

Author Bio: Edward Francis wrote this article. He is a fashion blogger and loves sharing his views on latest fashion trends. Also he works for a site where you can find family crest silver and signet rings.