Melissa McCarthy’s new fashion line Seven7 is for women of all sizes

While actress Melissa McCarthy is typically known for her witty humor in movies such as Spy, Tammy, and The Heat, it turns out that the actress is talented in other areas as well. Last November, McCarthy announced that she would be creating her own clothing line this August, which will be called Melissa McCarthy Seven7.

Since her years in grade school, it has been a long-time dream of McCarthy’s to have her own fashion line. Before becoming an actress, McCarthy was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In an interview with WWD, McCarthy said “I think women want to be able to dress for their mood.” McCarthy wants to provide women of all sizes with comfortable, moderately priced options despite the size that they may be. According to InStyle, Melissa McCarthy Seven7 will be available in all sizes, with items priced between $59 and $159. The higher-end collection of Melissa McCarthy Seven7 will be available in 2016.

Even though McCarthy claims that her venture came from more personal interests – “Building a better closet for herself” – many women will have the opportunity to benefit from her ability to present the world with the natural beauty of all body types. By the end of the summer, women of all shapes and sizes will be able to find Melissa McCarthy Seven7 at Lane Bryant, Macy’s, and on her e-commerce site

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