Nude pics of Melania Trump surface (Photos)

Some very racy photos of Melania Trump, our could-be first lady, were revealed today. The photos feature Trump with another woman romping around in the nude. These risqué pictures were taken while Melania still had the last name Knauss and was only 25 years old.

According to the New York Post, Melania was quite comfortable being part of the lesbian photoshoot and acted quite professionally throughout.

“She was always smiling, with a very pleasant personality and was polite and very well educated,” said a fashion source who was at the photoshoot.

The shoot was located at a Chelsea apartment and headed by fashion photographer Alé De Basseville.

Jarl Ale De Basseville, who shot the images, believed the photoshoot featuring the Slovenian was a way to convey beauty as artistic, not pornographic.

“This is beauty and not porn. I am always shocked by the porn industry because they are destroying the emotion and the essence of purity and simplicity.”

The photos were eventually promoted on the January 1996 issue of Max Magazine. Trump would later model for the likes of Vogue and Sports Illustrated.

Melania is currently married to Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, whom she met in 1998. They share a 10-year-old son together named Baron.