The Match-Up subscription April unboxing review

2016-04-08 12.39.35

The Match-Up by eSalon is a monthly subscription service that sends you salon-quality hair care, styling, brow and accessory items. You can get any three things for $30 plus shipping. You can also add up to two additional products for 25% off. Know what you want? Customize your own mix of products. Need help? Fill out a hair profile and their experts will pick three products for you.

I decided to try a personalized regimen by filling out the hair profile. I wanted to see how well the company matches their products to their customers’ needs. I ended up being very happy with the items they chose.

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As seen at the top of this article, the company mailed my products in a logo box. Everything inside was wrapped in tissue paper and packed into a cloth bag. It made for a nice presentation and safe travels. Also included was a card listing all of the items they sent me.

2016-04-08 12.45.34

In addition to the three hand-curated items, I picked out a new hairbrush and a shower cap. The price of the paddle brush seemed similar to what I would pay at the store, but I wondered why a shower cap would cost more than $10.

In receiving the cap, I was amazed at the quality. It’s not a cheap plastic head cover. It’s a heavyweight flexible plastic lined with super-soft terrycloth. It has to be the most comfortable shower cap I’ve ever worn and it’s functional. The terrycloth keeps humidity away from your hair and it’s not easily torn.

The hairbrush was well worth the money too. It detangles my curly hair without pain or breakage. It also gathers it easily for ponytails.

2016-04-08 12.46.28

The first two hair products curators chose for me were Easy Glider smoothing shampoo and Gliding Glory smoothing conditioner. Both had their nozzles wrapped in plastic to prevent leakage, which was thoughtful.

I found the nozzles themselves to be somewhat useless because I have really long hair. They didn’t let me pump enough out into my hand to cover my entire head. The pumps were slow-moving so trying to do several pumps to get enough shampoo took ages. I ended up removing the pumps and just pouring the product into my hand.

Also, I’m not a floral scent kind of girl, so the overwhelming perfume of these items turned me off at first. However, in using them I changed my mind. The scent fades and they work extraordinarily well for my course, dry hair. I normally have some difficulty combing my hair out without snags. After using this shampoo and conditioner, the comb just glided through with no problems and they left my hair feeling great.

2016-04-08 12.47.44

The third and final item that was chosen for me was Sleek Dreams smoothing balm. It’s supposed to eliminate frizz by smoothing “from the inside out.” You can add it as a regular leave-in or use it before a blowout. I have a big problem with frizz if I don’t use a good product. This balm was wonderful. The smell was fainter than the shampoo and it didn’t weigh my hair down. It truly removed the frizz and left my hair silky and soft. I could see myself using it on a long-term basis.

All-in-all, the eSalon products I tried did brilliant things for my hair. It’s a cheaper way to get salon quality items at home and they have a big selection to choose from. If you want them to pick products for you, you have a chance to veto what they chose and replace them with other items before shipping. I think that’s good customer service. I would highly recommend their products and their service.

eSalon also has a hair color subscription service called Made for You which may be worth checking out.

Right now, The Match-Up has a deal going where you can get your first box for $15 and you’re still offered up to 2 additional items for 25% off. Try it out today and make your hair happy.