Marc by Marc Jacobs will be no more

Marc by Marc Jacobs is officially being absorbed into the main line.

There was a rumor that has been updated to be the truth. The sibling line, Marc, that was founded in 2001 by Jacobs and his business partner, Robert Duffy, will be combined with its main line which is supposed to provide a better shopping experience for customers and possibly prepare for Marc Jacobs going public as an IPO by helping to raise the brand’s status.

The move will “assimilate that collection’s product range and price points into the signature Marc Jacobs collection,” according to Marc Jacobs, who added, “In a sense, we’re starting at the beginning. It sounds like a musical… a very good place to start.”

Jacobs felt that the Marc line had made its mark in the industry and yet to him it felt like he was sending out different messages by putting out separate lines each season. He feels the way to sell the line is as under one label.

There is no talk of the status of of the label’s current creative directors, Katie Hiller and Luella Bartle, who have been with the line since 2013.