Male model working out with his cat piques our interest (Video)

Great, we're never going to the gym.

We’ve seen an Instagram devoted to Disneyland dads. We’ve seen a Tumblr devoted to guys and their puppies. So this male model working out with his cat should be no big deal.

Yeah, never mind.

Travis DesLaurier has taken working out with pets to the next level. The 31-year-old model uses his cat, Jake, in his resistance training, according to Yahoo!.

Since posting the video on Facebook, Travis and Jake have racked in over 15 million views in just two days.

Not only does Travis use his tabby for bicep curls and overhead presses. At one point, he even uses Jake’s tail to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

One of the Instagram captions reads: “Me & @jacobscrate😼 are taking our training seriously meow, it’s nice he doubles up as my training partner, medicine ball, and weight set!😳😹 #felineworkout #cattrainer#jacobscrate #fluffybastard 😽Snapchat👉🏼 travbeachboy.”

Jake may be the star of the show, but who can ignore the model with the sculpted abs, blue eyes and blonde hair?

As a devoted cat owner, Travis even has a tattoo (maybe more than one?) of his cat.

In case followers are more enthused about Jake than the human model, the cat also his own Instagram page to follow here.