We look back on Bethany Mota’s most popular vids!

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Bethany Mota shows off her most fashionable looks.
Courtesy of Bethany Mota
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Without Bethany Mota leading the pack on haul videos, the YouTube space would not be what it is today.

The YouTuber turns 21 on Nov. 7, and that’s a milestone we can’t ignore.

Who made carry-on essential videos popular? Who dared film their hair routine on their sick days? Macbarbie07 did, or Bethany Mota we should say.

While other YouTubers didn’t seem relatable with larger-than-life empires, Bethany looked otherwise with her laid-back style and girly influences. What sets Bethany apart from other YouTubers was her consistency in uploading videos that appeared like everyone else’s routine with an angst-driven soundtrack.

The rest of us might not change our routines, from season to season, but Bethany’s lifestyle looked pretty Pinterest-worthy.

Furthermore, Bethany incorporated a sense of humor in her channel, unlike other fashion or beauty YouTubers.

The California gal, who calls her fans “Motavators,” has also turned negatives into positives when she revealed she was cyberbullied; hence, she was homeschooled.

Without further ado, we want to look back on Bethany’s most popular YouTube videos, because some way or another, she probably inspired at least one high school student out there to create a YouTube channel, which spawned a dozen more from when she first uploaded her video in 2009.

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