Lo & Sons releases stylish alternative to bulky camera bags

Lo & Sons camera bags

Whether you take artsy photos for your Insta or run a travel blog, you probably struggle with dragging around a bulky camera bag. If only there was a trendy way to protect your expensive photography gear as you explore mountainsides and cityscapes…

The Stylish Answer

Lo & Sons, a company known for its stylish and convenient handbags, has recently launched a trendy alternative to the hefty camera bag. Lo & Sons bags are built for frequent travelers “without compromising functionality or style,” according to their website. The Claremont camera crossbody bag is the perfect answer to any avid photographer’s struggles.

Why the Claremont bag?

According to the Lo & Sons website, the Claremont bag contains a discreet back pocket for necessities and pockets for SD memory cards. The design also includes internal padding to protect your camera.

Advertising the Claremont Bag

To advertise their new product, Lo & Sons had two photographers use the Claremont to photograph their favorite landmarks in New York City. Their website has tons of candid shots by photographers Lindsay Brown and Chaunté Vaughn in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library and the World Trade Center Tunnel. The photographs emphasized the trendy, urban flair of the Claremont bag, as well as its practicality.

Varied Color Choices

Additionally, the camera bag comes in a variety of color combinations. The circular bag comes in brown leather, complete with a cream-colored interior. For a more sleek look, you can go for the black leather Claremont bag with a grey interior, as noted by the Lo & Sons website. If you’re searching for a hint of femininity, the bag also comes in grey leather with a light grey interior. All three variations are topped with gold buckles and clasps.

As you travel, the cross-body bag can pass for a cute purse. Moreover, it will definitely keep your DSLR camera safe and secure as you explore beautiful scenes. I’m so excited for this gorgeous camera bag!