Level Up Wearable and Socks subscription April unboxing review

Level Up

Level Up is a subscription service run by Loot Crate that delivers geeky fashion items to its customers monthly. They have several choices available from socks to accessories, tee-shirts to a mystery wearable. Each month they run a different theme that runs across all the different boxes. This month the theme was Quest.

We decided to get my fiancé a subscription to the wearable plus sock bundle to increase his wardrobe. He loves geeky graphic shirts, pajama pants and socks, so it’s really the perfect club for him. Today I’m going to review the items he received. I’ll go over the quality of the items and let you know if the box is worth the money they’re asking.

As you can see from the top of this article, the clothes just come in a bubble mailer. Being that it’s nothing fragile, this works out just fine. The mailer is labeled with their logo so you immediately know who it’s from when you open the mailbox.


The first items in the bag are crew socks. They always send two pair of graphic socks. This month they’re from Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts. The Zelda socks have an 8-bit image of Link on them and are made of a dressier sock material. The Kingdom Heart Socks have symbols from the games and feel like more traditional crew sock material. Both pairs look to be good quality socks, so they should last a long while.


This month’s wearable is a raglan shirt that has the supposed villains from Princess Bride on it. I absolutely love it and will probably steal it when he’s not looking. We’re already planning a Princess Bride movie night to help him remember the story before wearing it, as he’s only seen it once. The shirt is very soft and the picture doesn’t feel like it will peel in the wash. Another good quality item.

The wearable and sock bundle is priced at $20.99 which is a $4 savings off buying each piece separately from Level Up. Individually, graphic socks like the ones included here would cost you $7 or $8 a pair. Raglan tees tend to run between $15 and $20 apiece. Overall, this bundle is a great savings to you for geek chic you’ll love. Sizes are available up to 3XL for men and women. Go to the Level Up website to sign up.