Level Up tee-shirt subscription April unboxing review

Level Up is a subscription service run by Loot Crate that delivers monthly boxes of geek-chic fashion. There are several packages available including socks, wearables, accessories and tee-shirts, or combo packs with two items. Each month they have a different theme that runs across all of the boxes. This month’s theme was Quest.

I previously reviewed this month’s Wearable and Socks package when my fiancé received it. He loves nerdy apparel and has been in desperate need of new clothes, so we signed him up for the tee-shirt box as well. Today I’ll review the shirt he got. I’ll go over its quality and value so you can decide if this club is as perfect for you as it is for him.

At the top of this article, you’ll see the bag the shirt arrived in. It’s a padded mailer with the Level Up logo. The clothes arrive here safely and you know what service it’s from as soon as you open your mailbox.


The tee-shirt this month was based on the Goonies, an awesome quest film. It features the map labeled with various areas and characters from the movie. The shirt is incredibly soft. Mike immediately wanted to wear it, but I made him let me take a picture first. It’s a high-quality cotton and polyester and is machine washable.

As for value, a quality graphic tee like this will cost you at least $12 in online stores. Level Up only charges $8.99 (plus shipping), which is a great deal. They have both men’s and women’s styles – men’s up to 5XL and women’s to 3XL, so almost everyone is covered.

This club is the perfect way to add fun to your wardrobe. They cover TV shows, board and video games, movies, etc. Sign up here and get your geek on!