Lady Gaga and Kate Moss party after Paris Fashion Week, Moss almost punches paparazzo

Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos

Kate Moss almost punched a photographer while out partying with Lady Gaga at a Paris Fashion week after party recently when they were walking into Club Haussmann together.

Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos
Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos

Moss was not happy that some paparazzi were there snapping photos of the two, who were also out with some members of their entourage. She grabbed a paparazzo’s sleeve and almost punched him until Gaga’s security guard held her back.

Page Six reports Gaga was even surprised to see what Moss did as she held her hand up to her mouth as she watched it unfold in front of her.

Despite the incident,  Gaga complimented the veteran model on Instagram, posting a photo of them together and writing, “The sweet and lovely Kate I could laugh with her for hours!”