Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

kylie lip kit

Before reading this it’s safe to assume you already know what a Kylie Jenner lip kit is but, if not, you chose the right place. The lip kits are only sold on and aren’t available all the time. Each product is only sold during a launch, on a specific day and time that is announced on Jenner’s app.

The lip kit consists of one matte liquid lipstick and one matching pencil lip liner, which isn’t bad for $29. Overall there are 8 colors in the matte collection so far, a purple, two nudes, two pinks, red, orange and a deep brown.

Being that they tend to sell out in minutes if you’re going to try to order some at a launch narrow it down to your favorite two, that way you’ll get to checkout faster and after if the others aren’t sold out yet, order them as well.

As a fan of Kylie I knew I had to get my hands on one of her lip kits. After trying just one kit, I now own three with a metal matte being shipped right now. No liquid lipstick I’ve tried has been as good a quality as Kylie Cosmetics.

I’ve tried Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipsticks, NYX liquid suede, NYX lip lingerie as well as NYX soft matte lip cream and none of them can compare to Kylie’s.

The matching pencil lip liner that comes in the kit is your saving grace. You don’t realize how much better any lipstick looks with a lipliner, and the fact that it’s a perfect match makes it even better. The liner has a creamy texture and is very easy to apply, it doesn’t have the normal ‘pencil’ feel that’s sharp and jagged. Of all the times I’ve applied the liner it never broke once on me.

The liquid lipstick itself is incredibly bold and super matte. It goes on liquid and drys to matte in literally seconds. Unlike most matte lipsticks though it isn’t super drying and doesn’t leave your lips feeling like the Sahara desert. Best of all it’s incredibly long lasting, by far the longest lasting product I’ve ever tried. It is 24-hour long-wear and makes it through eating and drinking. I never had to reapply the lipstick once it’s on.

Before applying the lip liner and lipstick I would recommend exfoliating your lips so your lips don’t look crusty and overly dry. They’re bold colors so this step is crucial, there’s nothing cute about flaky, cracking, crusty lips.

It’s so long-wear that it’s actually difficult to take off. Soap and water alone will not do it, you need some heavy duty makeup remover and still even then your lips will look slightly stained. This may be the only down side of the product actually.

I have True Brown K, Dolce K and Posie K. True Brown K is an extremely dark brown and isn’t meant for everyone. I would only suggest buying this shade if you usually pick a dark, bold lip. Dolce K is the perfect nude, and looks good on everyone I’ve seen use it. I’ve even added gloss over it on occasion for a different look. Rosie K is a darker pink and, while I’m usually not a pink person, this color really works for me.