Kings of Cole and Guess shake up the standard summer styles

This summer is going to be hot and the best way to keep it at bay is to cool off with clothing. The popular brands Kings of Cole and GUESS are offering comfortable clothing that’s functional and fashionable.

Both brands are delivering clothes that have classic American silhouettes, with surprising subversive elements that encourage people to be down-to-earth but rebellious. Seize the day is what these clothes say.

Kings of Cole all started with an old boyfriend’s hoodie, which accounts for the gender neutrality of the clothes. On the brand’s website female models wear the boyfriend’s clothes achieving a slight tom boy style, while when the male models wear the same clothes their gym bods are accentuated by a snug fit.

Photo credit: Romer Pedron
Photo credit: Romer Pedron

The standout women’s pieces are the cropped sweatshirt with thumbholes that achieve a Flashdance-inspired dancer’s look, especially when paired with skull-and-bones printed leggings. A pink camo Boyfriend Henley shirt is one of the best men’s pieces showcasing how traditionally feminine colors can add an exciting new virility to a man’s style.

Photo credit: Romer Pedron
Photo credit: Romer Pedron

For its Spring/Summer collection GUESS stays feminine in fit-and-flare silhouettes and 1950s gingham, but toughens things up with mesh paneling on skirts and dresses and asymmetrical Moto jackets; the good girl goes biker bad. Supermodel Gigi Hadid rocks the biker look to romantic perfection in the current GUESS ad campaign

For the next Fourth of July barbeque, feel stylish and satisfied in Kings of Cole and GUESS. This summer is the chance to be a mover and shaker.

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