Kim K has a new competitor on social media


We all know Kim Kardashian West takes her Twitter and Instagram extremely seriously and has reached well over 28 million followers, but she might have a new competitor in this department; her husband.

Photograph from US Magazine

According to Instagram, Kanye West had the most engagement of all of the month’s shows when he presented his new collection with Adidas.

Although this show had his celebrity loved ones and best friends in the front row like Jay Z and Rihanna which may have had a slight factor in the number of engagements through these sights. Along with an insane amount of activity on Instagram, Mr. West was extremely popular on Twitter that week too.

Both social media outlets came to the conclusion of this data with looking at all of the photos with hashtags, designer handles and keywords all pertaining to him.

Just to give a look into the impact Fashion Week had it self here are some rough numbers: 25 million people engaged with fashion week content on Instagram and about 2.5 million tweets revolved around the hashtag Fashion Week.