Would you jump on the brow stamp wagon?

Does it work?

When you first hear about brow stamps, it seems like an “As Seen on TV” product that doesn’t work, but as the Internet proves, sometimes, a product can go wrong, people are fascinated by it.

Whether you get your brows waxed or microbladed, the brow business is booming with options to perfect those arches. And if you don’t know how to fill your brows, that’s how the brow stamp comes into play.

The brow stamp kit comes with various stencils of brow shapes and a powder for your stamping pleasure. Once you rub the powder on the stamp, you leave the imprint of your arches for less than six seconds, so it claims.

Like an April Fool’s prank gone wrong, the results on social media can range from natural brows to horrifyingly hilarious arches.

We’ve all heard about Instagram brows trending, but this takes it to another level with boldness.

Customers, who tried the brow stamp, jokingly say that they spent more time fixing their brows after the stamp than before. All jokes aside, we’re glad at least it’s not permanent.

The stamp is available on Amazon for $8.99, where you can also bundle it with this eyebrow template for your brow maintenance routine, but we’re pretty sure you won’t skip your regular brow threading session anytime soon.