Dear John Mayer, your skincare routine is whack!

No need to tell us your body is a wonderland!

John Mayer gave us a window into his soul through his Snaps, showcasing his extensive skincare routine.

John Mayer, the 38-year-old guitarist, divulged that he uses Proactiv as a cleanser (John, don’t you know how harsh that is on your purty skin?!) for his first step.

The Snap reeks of sponsorship and GQ seems to agree. Even so, FTC is cracking down on that #sponsored mumble jumble on social media, so beware, John!

The singer also showed the expensive skincare brands in his routine, like Natura Bissé. Mayer assures us that he has to use this $600 moisturizer, even though he’s pretty sure the demographic is “people in their sixties and seventies.”

Not only did he share with followers his products, he showed us how he uses them. No worries, though, as Mayer is using that moisturizer sparingly. Tip from Mayer? Apply it directly on the face, instead of on the fingers. Why? There’s no drop of that moisturizer wasted under your nails.

Also from the Natura Bissé line, the eye cream Mayer uses costs a chill $200. What else do we need to know? He tells us that eye creams are concentrated moisturizers, which means you can totally slather that stuff all over your face.

Another step in Mayer’s expensive routine includes incorporating Vitamin C and E concentrate on his smile lines and “crucial necessity zones.” For $110, it’s no big deal to beautify the Mayer.

If time isn’t of the essence (ha! skincare joke), you can copy Mayer in dabbing face cream with a cotton swab. As seen on Mayer’s Snap, this is just two hours later into his skincare regimen.

Finally, Mayer is giving Michelle Phan a run for her money by locking in those layers of products with a Natura Bissé facial mist for $92.

We’re guessing that John Mayer has plenty of time waiting for the world to change.