Iskra Lawrence takes body positivity campaign to the next level

Model and body positivity activist, Iskra Lawrence took it up a notch over the weekend when she stripped on a New York City subway all in the name of body acceptance.

The 26-year-old told passengers while stripping down to her bra and underwear, “I’m going to reveal myself to you to prove that we are in control of how we feel about ourselves.”

The lesson was one of loving what you are born with and not to let the media dictate how we feel about our bodies. She goes on to say, “I grew up hating what I saw in the mirror because society told me I was not good enough. “I thought there was something wrong because I didn’t have a thigh gap.”

She also broaches the difficult topic of objectivity.

“This body is not just something to be objectified, to be grabbed, to be looked at. This is my vessel. This is my home.”

The message is definitely getting out there. In addition to the nearly 700,000 views on YouTube, Lawrence also promoted the video through her own Instagram feed.