‘Hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks overwhelmed with modeling gigs since his release from prison

Jeremy Meeks has been bombarded with modeling offers since his release from prison on March 8. However, he cannot accept because the traveling would violate his parole.

Meeks, 32, has was imprisoned in Nevada on seven felony charges. He is currently in a half-way house for the next six weeks, in hopes to help him adjust to life outside. Meeks has been free less than a week but his agent and friend Jim Jordan claims the modeling gigs have been pouring in.

Meeks told ABC News from a Nevada prison, “I never thought that everyone in the world would recognize me for my looks, so I feel extremely blessed and very thankful.”

Jordan hinted at some luxurious offers that have been piling up. “We have major, major fashion brands, designers on the table. We have movies on the table, we have book deals on the table, we have reality non-scripted television on the table, we have pilots on the table, we have club openings in Dubai, Vegas and all over the world,” he told Daily Mail Online.

Jordan even claimed that a few royal families had expressed interest in meeting Meeks. “We have royalty wanting Jeremy as a special guest in their palaces – we have major, major requests from Japan to Australia, Russia to Dubai, to all the ends of the earth.”

Meeks, who is married with three kids, became an internet phenomenon when his mugshot hit the internet last year. He was called ‘criminally handsome’, ‘hot felon’ and ‘smooth criminal’ by the media.

“Nobody looks good in orange” well..

Posted by Jeremy Meeks on Sunday, February 7, 2016