How to host an intimate backyard wedding!

Take advantage of the setting as you celebrate this day.

Can you pull off a backyard wedding?
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From a Game of Thrones theme wedding to a Moulin Rouge theme, we have to admit, it’s not the cheapest of weddings.

In this installment of sharing wedding theme ideas, we decided to pare down to a backyard wedding.

With the backyard being the backdrop to your wedding, this theme is meant for those wanting to host a minimal wedding with friends and family.

Nature is definitely the inspiration for this one, from potted herbs and succulents to wreaths and vines adorning table settings and walkways.

Even bridesmaids look enchanted in their flower crowns, as they walk past the old-fashioned cake with rustic greenery.

Awaiting the bride is the groom in an untraditional tan suit that goes with the light theme.

For those couples uneasy about planning a wedding so far in advance, this theme is perfect to alter even days away, as it’s small to tweak.

Here are 10 ideas we’re sure would make any low-maintenance couple happy.

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