Gucci SS17 Top 11 best looks

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The dresses stole the show at Gucci SS17 with nods to the American South and the 1920s.

Alessandro Michele created dresses that stole the show at his Gucci SS17 ready-to-wear show. There the women wore grand gowns; held paper fans and sipped their tea like good Southern belles do.

The Italian designer presented looks he had done before, from the tiered gowns to the Bertha collars, but he managed to present a bunch of fresh looks as well. He devoted his best to the dresses that twirled with Southern belle splendor, nimble 1920’s fun and sporty chicness. One model looked like she had stepped out of Beyonce’s Lemonade short film in a satin Victorian dress. Another dress strutted like a peacock with artsy whimsy.

The quirky yet chic accessories brought down the house. They included stiletto sandals worn over PVC leggings, PVC caps with short visors that resembled swim caps and don’t-mess-with-me chokers. Also, the headgear on some of the models evoked church hats popular in African American churches around the country as well as Southern churches in general.

At the end of the day, Alessandro Michele’s pieces pulled me in because they awakened my senses and made me hungry: for desserts and beauty. The decadence made me feel the heat like I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, but ready to wave my paper fan like nothing could ruffle my feathers.

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