GRAZIA Magazine Debuts Pakistan Edition

Grazia Magazine Debuts In Pakistan

GRAZIA Pakistan debuts in February with 20,000 copies looking to expand to a 40,000 run before the seventh month.

Saif Publishing is the name of the agency required to mimic the editorial excellence of the famed Italian fashion publication with the necessary adaptations to fulfill the country’s growing middle class interest in design.

“Pakistan’s middle class as well as the fashion industry is booming and Grazia is going to provide an amazing platform to nurture this growth,” were the words chosen by the editor and publisher of the magazine: Zarhaa Saifullah, during the press conference dedicated to its launch in Karachi, the financial cornerstone in the country.

Experts account for 200 million in revenue when asked how much the Pakistani fashion design scene is worth, however, it is still largely undocumented due to the blossoming market traced back as far back as the 90’s when a handful of local designers and models started showing in Karachi and Lahore cities.

Grazia doesn’t debut in a virgin publishing market, Hello! Magazine will rival its efforts to dominate the preferences of an unprecedented audience.

Ninety percent of Grazia’s content would be local style, Saifullah said, adding: “We plan to show the fun, creative side of Pakistani fashion to the world.”

Grazia has expanded to more than a dozen countries since its founding in 1938, Pakistan adds now to a list that includes, besides the Italian flagship, the United States, France, Spain, Britain, Germany, and of course the massive neighbor market of India.

Source: Dailymail | Magazine’s Official Facebook | Terra Argentina