Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket Ready for Fall/Winter 2017

Google Levi's Smart Jacket Is Releasing This Fall

Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group are working in partnership to have new Levi’s Smart Jacket, ready to be sold this fall.

Google‘s goal: to supply the Levi’s Smart Jacket with gesture sensitive fabrics and include interactive touch within more pieces of clothing, and the result is not years away, as the first jacket has already been shown at SXWS in Austin, Texas, and is expected to launch in the USA during the fall this year with a retail price around $350, as it reports The Verge, a website specializing in technology.

New conductive yarns are responsible of the smart structures with a special jacquard that combines very thin metallic alloys with cotton, polyester and even silk, this is the magic that unfolds into woven fabrics available to be worked on any industrial loom, they look like any other piece of fabric and of course, they are washable.

Data is ready to be shared wirelessly with the devices approved by Google, while opening a brand new range of possibilities to interact with their devices, services and environments, displaying a whole new way to use apps and to relate in a more human and organic way to the wearer, compared to other limited wearable technologies such as smartwatches, fit bracelets or tracking devices within sneakers.

The jacquard yarn will enrich itself thanks to the complements thought for the project, like the movement sensors and LED lights included. We’re a year and a half away of the projects’ first mention, revealed during the Google I/O conference in 2015 and just some months away for it to be ready to sell to any consumer interested in the future of clothing, a future within the price range of most of the current high end gadgets.

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