Trending: Google & H&M Closer to Release its ‘Data Dress’

Google & H&M's Data Dress

Data Dress, the first smart garment powered by Google and designed by H&M’s backed Ivyrevel has now a set of features placing it as the future of fashion.

Ivyrevel, the digital fashion house backed by fashion giant H&M, is still developing under the so-called “Coded Couture” project, a program targeted towards Android users in which you use an app to design a personalized dress known as a “Data Dress” which will reflect your lifestyle and preferences, developed under Google’s Awareness API technology.

The app is enough to order the dress, and as revealed on February 6, several new technologies are being added to maximize the functionality of the intelligent garment, such as a Snapshot API that will monitor your movements throughout the day, as well as the weather and locations visited to get the maximum customization possible for the Data Dress’ development.

The project now sits in closed alpha testing, but you can sign up for a trial if interested before the public release expected for the Fall/Winter 2017 season.

Source: Tech Crunch, photo courtesy of PrNewswire.