Gogo Graham designs first transgender fashion line

Gogo Graham reaches a new fashion demographic with her eponymous line for transgender women.

Transgender woman, Gogo Graham is making fashion history with an eponymous clothing line for transgender women themselves.

The New York City-based brand is already on its fifth collection, and aims to fill a hugely neglected gap in the fashion industry.

“I aim to empower all transgender women through the creation of garments designed for us to mitigate the overwhelming effects of dysphoria that often accompanies donning ill-fitting and unflattering garments designed only for cisgender women,” Graham explained to International Business Times.

The key to doing this is that Graham knows from her own experience what to accentuate and what to hide, and from this knowledge she can make better-fitting clothes for all transgender women.

The line is also one-of-a-kind when it comes to modeling. Vice reports that all of the models are Graham’s transgender friends, and that in addition to styling themselves, they take their own pictures. Using a cable release, the women are able to snap a shot right when they want and have control over the photos.

Graham has previously designed for Ru Paul’s Drag Race and a J-Pop band.

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Image via Instagram from Gogo Graham