Gigi Hadid covers Allure’s first augmented reality issue

You mean we can take a picture with Gigi without getting tackled by security?

Well, this was bound to happen with the success of Pokémon GO, and it seems that Allure is the first magazine to dip its toe in the augmented reality space.

For its December issue, featuring Gigi Hadid, the magazine unveiled the AR app Allure Unbound.

For those who pick up a copy of the issue, as they’re perusing though the pages, they can locate the “Scan + See” symbol.

Readers can download the app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Using their mobile device, they can now take a selfie with Gigi. Unsatisfied with the pose? Swipe left or right to change the pose with Gigi.

As for how Gigi came aboard, it was actually by luck. Considering the model’s in-demand schedule, Allure was not able to book Gigi for the cover until Dec. 2016, even though editor-in-chief, Michelle Lee, wanted Gigi on the cover since last year.

With an already long-standing relationship with Tommy Hilfiger, the magazine gained an advantage with the Tommy x Gigi collection launch.

Publisher Agnes Chapski said, “We were able to have really interesting conversations with Tommy about how we could partner and bring this to life.”

Chapski continued, “They were already a partner of ours, so we had a really strong relationship with them and we felt we could do really interesting, innovative things because they were open to it.”

Those “innovative things” include the interactive experience in not only shopping the Tommy x Gigi collection but sharing the content on social media.

Lee eventually wants to make Allure a “truly shoppable issue.” The editor-in-chief still believes the publication has just scratched the surface. If this is just scratching the surface, the future of interactive content must be unbound to say the least.