Get acquainted with these beauty gurus for eyebrows on fleek

Do you have a spoolie on hand?

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Some of us have bushy brows. Some of us have been blessed with sparse brows. There are those who categorize their brows as shapeless caterpillars. And then there are those who just gave up.

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching beauty gurus tweeze, brush, gel and/or fill their brows in forever, only to have your mother’s nagging voice tell you to never pluck your brows, so from my point of view, it’s just admiration from afar for those who put in that work buying jars of Anastasia pomade.

Whether you invest in your brows or not, watching beauty gurus apply their brow makeup is fascinating to say the least, especially when some go from no brows to feathery brows in a matter of minutes. Mind blown.

My biggest fear? Imagine if I’m eating Korean barbecue only for my brows to sweat off in a matter of seconds from the smoke. What if one day I go in at work having eyebrows on fleek only to show up the next day with droopy brows? Inconsistency makes me anxious about trying to put in time and money on a eyebrow routine.

However, maybe these beauty gurus will teach me a lesson or two on having a lack of shape on my brows.

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