Find the right over-the-knee boots for the winter!

(Without going broke...)

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I secretly coveted a pair of Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots when I saw a picture of Miranda Kerr wearing them.

That was two seasons ago.

Since then, it has been been in my peripheral shopping bag, in the sense that I want them, but do I want them enough to sell my organs on Craigslist? Not really.

Even when I saw my friend wear a pair of over-the-knee boots she was gifted from her boyfriend, I felt a pang of jealousy. Although, when I asked her about them a year later, you could tell she was blasé about them, like it’s just slouching in the abyss that is her closet.

As I tried to move on, the idea of the over-the-knee boots still lingered, like that high school crush you keep daydreaming about at work, but he never comes around.

Eventually, the boots, not the crush, came around in the form of these Target Gisela Over the Knee Boots.

My only Black Friday buy, these boots came not only at 30 percent off from $49.99, there was a 15 percent Cartwheel discount! But wait, my co-worker gave me a $10 coupon and so the rest is history.

However, the biggest lessons I took from scoring this purchase was having patience and finding the right boots for my body type that’s nothing close to Miranda Kerr’s, which is pretty fine by me.

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