Fifty bloggers wear the same Lord & Taylor dress

Transition into Spring with this bright flowy dress from #DesignLab collection exclusive to @lordandtaylor

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Fifty fashion bloggers wore a Lord & Taylor dress on Instagram causing the dress to sell out quickly. The bloggers posted photos of themselves wearing the $88 paisley-print Asymmetrical dress from Lord & Taylor’s “fashion-forward” collection Design Lab after the company paid them an “unspecified compensation” to promote the dress, making sure not to reveal they were paid. Lord & Taylor didn’t leave anything to chance, so out came the checkbook. “The goal was to make [the potential customer] stop in her feed and ask why all her favorite bloggers are wearing this dress, and what is Design Lab? Using Instagram as that vehicle is a logical choice, especially when it comes to fashion,” said Lord & Taylor’s CMO Michael Crotty to Adweek.

Taking spring seriously with this fun dress from @lordandtaylor’s new #DesignLab collection

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Lord & Taylor’s strategy is clever since it’s a chance to see a product coordinated in different ways with various accessories in a variety of locations. The spring/summer-ready dress is bohemian with a 1970s vibe, but mixes with other genres thanks to the accessories.

Crotty said that each blogger was hand-picked “based on her aesthetic and reach.” Each of their posts received at least 1,000 likes, some 5,000 likes and some as many as 13,000 likes.