Fashion student Danit Peleg creates full 3D-printed collection

Fashion student Danit Peleg just gave the world a glimpse into fashion’s future with her graduate collection: a full 5-piece range of entirely 3D-printed pieces.

Peleg, a recent graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel, worked for nine months to create her collection. She began with fashion design software Optitex to create her patterns and then moved to the 3D-printing software Blender to print her textiles.

“I was always interested in the connection [between] fashion and technology, so my work was about laser cutting and 3-D printing,” Peleg told Fashionista.

Although the final product was stunning and well-crafted, the feat came with several challenges. Peleg first had to find a material that would be malleable and easy to work with, in order to avoid the stiff results that 3D printing usually puts out. She ended up using an elastic filament called “FilaFlex,” created specifically for 3D printers, and then had to print out her designs, a process which took over 400 hours per piece.

As we recently reported, fashion houses like Chanel and designers like Marina Hoermanseder have recently started incorporating 3D-printed looks into their fashion week shows, and Peleg’s collection has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the futuristic technique. Peleg now plans to create a swimwear collection with the tool, and says she would sell or give away files she used and let people around the world print out her pieces for themselves.

You can see some of Peleg’s work and learn more about the design process above.