Fandom of the Month jewelry subscription August 2016 unboxing review

Fandom of the Month is a jewelry subscription service that sends you a monthly box full of geeky fandom related jewelry. Every month has a new theme and sends you 3-4 handpicked items. Some of their past themes have been Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Hunger Games. This month, they mailed out a Lord of the Rings box. I gave it a try and it was a lot of fun.

My new jewelry was shipped in the box you see above. It has an adorable fantasy owl with their logo along the side. I love custom boxes because you get excited as soon as you open your mailbox. Inside, the bag and magnet were wrapped in pretty tissue paper and they arrived in good shape.

Fandom of the Month bag August 2016

When I first opened the box, I found a collectible drawstring bag and a magnet. All of the jewelry was tucked inside the bag for extra safe shipping. The first two items I drew from the bag were a necklace and a silver colored bracelet.

Fandom of the Month inside locket August 2016

The necklace has a quote from the book, “Not all those who wander are lost,” and is a locket of sorts. If you press a button on the top, it pops open to reveal a compass with a mirror opposite. It’s a cute idea, but I was a bit bummed to find that the compass easily gets stuck, so it’s not really reliable. If I didn’t already know the directions from my apartment, it would’ve been extremely difficult to decipher. However, I like it and will probably wear it on occasion.

The silver bracelet is adjustable and reminds me of something Galadriel might wear. The crystals form flower shapes on the ends. It’s pretty and I’ll definitely wear it.

Fandom of the Month earrings August 2016

As you can see in the above pic, the magnet has Frodo’s silhouette. Its minimalist design was created by HalfBloodPrints. This is the second magnet they designed that I’ve received in a subscription box and I think they’re awesome. (My other one is Katniss, so no doubles, which is good.)

Also in the box were a pair of gold tone earrings that are engraved to look like the ring of power. They’re really neat, but they’re not nickel free, so I passed them on to my niece who didn’t inherit my sensitive ears.

Everything in this package was an interesting interpretation of the theme. While I wish the compass worked better, the necklace is still a great conversation starter and a call to other geeks. The bracelet is really distinctive and the earrings were a cool idea that most people could get good use out of. The magnet is fun and was immediately placed on my fridge in a place of honor. I think this is a wonderful box with entertaining items. I’m a huge geek and I love that they cater to that.

Fandom of the Month costs $13 per month plus a small shipping fee. That’s not much, but you can also get a bit of a discount if you sign up to prepay for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. If you have a friend who is into a variety of fandoms or you love nerdy jewelry like me, this is the club for you. You can cancel at any time with no penalty, so what do you have to lose?