Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara gets an upgrade

We’ve got to admit; here at Fashion Week, we’re all a little obsessed with Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. We were a little skeptical at first with such a big promise but the mascara quickly became a cult favorite among beauty editors and beauty novices alike. With a formula that makes even the smallest lashes fluffy, full, and flake-free.

Of course, like all things too good to be true, there was one drawback to the holy grail product: there was no waterproof version. Finding a formula that doesn’t clump, doesn’t flake, and doesn’t streak down your face after you sob your eyes out watching the latest Nicholas Sparks film does seem like a lot to ask for…

However, it seems that the beauty brand has finally heard our cries and is planning on finally releasing a waterproof version. The delay in the product’s release? “Mascara is the most difficult cosmetic product to produce because there are so many variables that are so sensitive to the creation of a kick ass product. The formula, the brush, the type of material the tube is made out of—it all affects the final outcome,” explained Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced’s CEO and founder, to Glamour.

Glamour also reports that the company added in porcelain flower to help nourish lashes even more with the waterproof formula.

The waterproof version of Too Faced’s Better Than Sex launches March 1.