Expanded Chanel Boutique Offers High-End Apparel For First Time

“Orlando’s Chanel Boutique at Mall of Millenia Moves Into Expanded Space”


Chanel is opening a revamped space at the Mall of Millennia in a space that was mostly focused on selling handbags and accessories. Orlando Sentinel learned that this revamped space will be selling high-end apparel starting on Thursday.

The expanded store space has increased about 3,300-square-feet from its original size to accommodate more space for an array of Chanel apparel, handbags and accessories. The wall decor is mother of pearl-inspired brick. To increase the ambiance of a high-cultured atmosphere they added hand-crafted chairs and stools.

The biggest change in the ritzy location is the addition of two sections with the Chanel apparel such as dresses, skirts and jackets. The store also has an expanded section of shoes which include heels, flats and sandals.

The new fresh look offers two dressing rooms that the previous version of the store location did not have, and expands the watch and scarf areas as well.

Chanel fashion items still have a price tag that ranges from $500 to $3000.