Exclusive Interview: Leandro Carvalho on shaping up for your wedding

Lift your butt and take some lemon shots!

Courtesy of Leandro Fitness

Leandro Carvalho, celebrity trainer and the man behind the “Brazil Butt Lift” program gives us an interview on his secret for shaping up before your wedding.

Without using equipment or dragging yourself to the gym, is that possible?

I talked with the Brazilian native on the right moves to get your heart racing before you race to the altar, and what should you eat on the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Leandro talks about his new studio in Manhattan, his opinions on the juice cleanse craze, and the workout for brides (and grooms) that will give you an extra pep in your step come the big day.

Not a statuesque model? Not a big fan of cardio? Are you a new mom trying to get back on track? We asked the well-known trainer for tips to accentuate your behind and eliminate that extra lower belly fat without running a marathon.

First, I congratulated Leandro on his new Manhattan studio that just opened up in New York just south of Union Square. And since Leandro was offering a 6-week class to shape brides for the wedding season, it was only fitting to ask him his thoughts on those pressed for time to get fit.

For instance, Leandro showcases the push-up and curtsy move that will get your heart rate up and work your whole body, ranging from your quads to your arms.

Known for training Victoria’s Secret Angel and mother of two, Alessandra Ambrosio, Leandro told me that after the initial doctor’s okay to workout, new moms, who want to shape up, can start slowly before getting into cardio, and then focus on the muscle, followed by the videos.

Those videos in question are his Beachbody “Brazil Butt Lift” videos for those not able to go to a gym. The goal of achieving that perfect glute? Make sure to squat and tuck your butt in to maximize the results.

When asked about catering to his famous clients, although his clients’ specific goals come first, the 32-year-old offers suggestions, like they can focus on certain areas of the butt.

“Follow up with the videos and bike riding,” said Leandro in response to those who are weak in the cardio area.

By incorporating fun cardio in a daily lifestyle, like biking, it definitely gets the heart racing.

While both a nutrition plan and workout routine are crucial for those trying to get healthy, Leandro adds that if he were to choose which one were more important, it would be laying out a good nutrition plan.

For those brides with a sweet tooth, what are his tips in substituting sugary items?

“I like to substitute with apples. Add some almond butter,” shares an enthused Leandro.

Since we’re on the subject of food, what’s a normal meal plan for brides who don’t have time to come up with one on the go?

Leandro divulges his balanced breakfast of choice: egg whites and spinach. “Eggs are always good. Add in a piece of toast. Wheat for good carbs.”

The trainer also likes to bake a sweet potato and throw in some turkey for that balanced of sweetness and protein.

Asked about the juice cleanse method of losing weight fast, Leandro believes in the popularity of green juices, but centered on one key ingredient for health reasons. “Ginger is a natural antibiotic that can take infections away,” he said.

Instead of doing shots during future bachelorette parties, maybe a different kind of shot is good for you.

Leandro’s advice? “Do lemon shots. To get the acid out of your body, drink one squeezed lemon with water in the morning. On the second day, two lemons. Third day, three lemons. Fourth day, four lemons.” He goes on to seven lemons before saying, “The lemon is acidic, but once inside the body it alkalizes and clears the acid layer, making you lose weight and get a smaller waist line.”

For petite women not of model stature, what would be a good way to strengthen arms without bulking up?

“Repetitions with resistance bands and small weights,” advises Leandro.

For good posture before wearing that backless wedding gown, the expert dancer tells us to bend our elbows and put stress on our rhomboid muscles while reaching our spine in a repeated motion.

Leandro also acknowledges grooms who underestimate his workouts. “Men don’t have as much endurance. Normally when men come to me, men can’t keep up.”

However, the trainer says that in order to make the workouts more effective for men, go for heavier weights and gradually increase the amount.

Also known to be an aquatic teacher, Leandro gives tips on using your surroundings, like the beach and the pool, for an effective workout.

“Go to shallow water. Use the sand to make a bag for weights,” Leandro said.

And we might have solved the reason why celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba, always lay down on those beach chairs, while the paps get those glute shots.

Pull a beach chair out, tells the trainer. By laying on your stomach and lifting up and descending towards your hind legs, you’re working out while getting some Vitamin D.

Lastly, what are some mistakes that Leandro sees that not only beginners make? Surprisingly, those who work out don’t do enough variations for the butt. “Use the whole length of the body,” Leandro notes.

As for those looking to amp their routine up before your wedding, the New Yorker gets his music from Spotify for that “high energy” workout.

Join Leandro in his New York studio at 12:30 p.m. every Saturday at the Brazilian Fitness Factory group class at 92 3rd Avenue #2F between 12th and 13th Street. The first class is free. RSVP for a class via email toleandro@leandrofitness.com