Doggone it! It’s a dog-themed wedding!

(John Legend not included.)

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While there’s no doubt that there are cat lovers here, it’s really hard to beat dog lovers, especially when they want to include their canine companion in their special day.

Equal parts aww-worthy and just plain original, a dog-themed wedding could definitely be super individual based on each couple.

Whether you raised your pup at a serious stage in your relationship or you just inherited the dog from your better half, what better way to take on the next chapter of your life than to include a token of unconditional love in your wedding?

In this wedding theme guide, we’re showing you 10 fresh ways to integrate your four-legged companion in your ceremony. Without taking away from the beautiful wedding you want, the guests, dog(s) and couple can enjoy themselves.

From cute puns to creative decor, guests might never want to leave this dog-friendly celebration of two people joining in matrimony. And it doesn’t get better than ideas that save money with your waggly pet on hand.

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