Diane von Furstenberg starts hospital gown trend

Image via Twitter Communispace

Some hospitals are dressing their patients in stylish hospital gowns instead of the unflattering paper kind that leave the butt exposed. In 2010, the Cleveland Clinic approached iconic fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg (inventor of  the wrap dress) to design reversible hospital gowns that had to be functional, yet stylish, after patients complained about how uncomfortable the gowns were.

“People felt more comfortable in the new design, not just physically but emotionally,” said Cleveland Clinic’s Chief Experience Officer Adrienne Boissy.

Image via Twitter fromMcGilluMedia

The redesign of the hospital gown is essential for the bottom-lines of hospitals since the satisfaction of patients dictates how much the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services pay out to the hospitals.

The Henry Ford Health System redesigned hospital gowns by challenging students at the College for Creative Studies to come up with a solution to the hospital gown problem. The gowns had to be reusable and easily accessible for doctors during exams.

Dale Milford received a liver transplant at Henry Ford Hospital while the gown was being retested, saying the gown “was emblematic…of an attitude that was conveyed to me at the hospital–that they cared about me as a whole human being, not just the part they were operating on.”