Crystal crowns will be taking over during festival season

Is this trend a yay or a nay?

Courtesy of ellia fabia

We’ve seen festival goers donning flower crowns watching their favorite bands play, but this year, crystal crowns will reign the festival grounds.

Compared to the dainty floral crowns, this crystal trend doesn’t just come in crown forms. They’ll appear also in barrette forms, as Sarah Cosper, an Etsy store owner, has created multiple crystal accessories.

“My dad is a rock guy. He’s always looking for hunks of quartz and cool rocks, and he used to take me panning for gold,” explains Sarah. “So, I’m a rock guy, too lol. Geodes, agate, spheres, just pretty ones, we’re always scanning the ground.”

Priced under $100, the crowns and barrettes in her store, will definitely spark any DIY veteran, to create these crystal accessories.

We definitely foresee this trend making appearances outside of music festivals, as it would look beautiful at bachelorette parties.

Furthermore, the crystal barrettes would fit the aesthetic of any spring wedding, and it could be tailored with any gemstones or quartz that are more suitable towards your philosophy. For instance, rose quartz signifies love and romance.