Cindy Crawford reappears in a Pepsi ad that’s sure to appeal to a new generation (Video)

#SayItWithPepsi featuring this original supermodel!

Who can forget Cindy Crawford’s famous 1992 Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi?

The supermodel teamed up with Pepsi once again for a different take on her ad.

However, instead of emerging out of a red sports car in a white bodysuit and denim shorts, Crawford appears as an emoji on a Pepsi bottle.

Sporting her trademark beauty mark and large hoop earrings, the mother of two makes a stop at Halfway Cafe again.

In the new commercial, Crawford heads to the vending machine to make her selection of a Diet Pepsi as two young’uns watch on in awe of the icon.

The original Pepsi ad was 24 years ago. Looking back, Crawford told CNN that she had originally brought her own signature denim shorts and she still has them today.

The new commercial, 15 seconds long, will be a hit this summer, especially with Pepsi’s release of PepsiMoji for a new generation of fans.

“The original spot was so great–people come up to me to this day and say they loved that spot,” said Crawford. “I think there’s so much nostalgia for the commercial, so we decided to do it with a twist as a Pepsi emoji. It’s fun to connect with a younger audience.”

Now, the model laughs at her own emoji.

“It’s funny…what makes a ‘Cindy Crawford’ emoji different is my mole,” said the 50-year-old model.

As for what her daughter Kaia, a budding model, thinks of it? “She thinks it’s cool,” Crawford passes on the approval.

To check out the original 1992 Pepsi ad, watch it below: