Will the corset comeback stay?

Pair a corset over a dress to give your outfit a lift!

Get ready to tighten your corset, as this throwback trend makes a comeback in a more casual form.

We saw the corset comeback on the Prada runway earlier this year with nautical statement pieces. Since then, ladies off the runway have also been interpreting the trend in such a refreshing way.

According to Marie Claire UK, pairing the corset belt with a sundress has elevated outfits.

In the past, we’ve seen Victoria Beckham wear a corset to spice up her business casual outfit. Even Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have worn corsets to belt their flowy dresses.

Recently, we’ve seen model Liu Wen channel her inner pirate with a black corset belt around a white blouse.

Emma Stone wraps a corset belt around her Grecian dress.

On the red carpet, Emma Stone cinched her waist with a silver corset at the Met Gala back in May.

Gigi Hadid made a serious statement in a corset with cutouts. The model complemented the corset peplum top with black trousers.

To ease into the trend, we suggest trying a corset belt, like this laced-up one from New York & Company ($25.86). Another option is the Neiman Marcus Leather Corset Belt ($92) for a more seamless look.

While the corset may not be completely work appropriate, layering it over a dress or a blouse, like Liu Wen, will balance the outfit.

Stick with colors that go with everything, like black, but don’t hesitate to pull off all the stops with a silver or gold corset on the weekends. For the rest of the outfit, we’re gravitating towards black and white pieces to let the corset shine.