Coachella is enforcing a new strict photo policy this year

As Coachella approaches, one very important aspect of their popular music event will be different. This year, way less photos of boho-chic kids dressed in flower crowns will flood your social media. Due to a new strict photo policy, no professional media photographers are allowed into the event.

During Coachella, happening the end of April, media outlets are being forbidden from sending their own photographers to the music festival. There will now be photo passes “at the discretion of the festival,” according to Nylon.

Media outlets will all be forced to use the same generic photo agencies who have been given photo access to the event by Coachella. This change will cut back tremendously on the amount of unique festival photos shared.

Many are also upset that fashion journalists will no longer be able to document the extravagant street style that takes center stage. For people unable to attend Coachella, the new policy is putting a block between them and an inside look at one of the most popular music festivals in the United States.

With no professional photographers allowed, attendees are wondering what is and isn’t acceptable under the new terms. According to Coachella’s FAQ page, any camera with a removable lens is considered a professional camera and therefore not allowed.