Christian Fashion Week kicks off in Tampa

Image courtesy of YouTube Screen Shot

Of all the many runway shows full of intense and cutting edge fashion trends and styles this spring, one show is taking a more modest approach.

Image courtesy of YouTube Screen Shot
Image courtesy of YouTube Screen Shot

“Christian Fashion Week” is the name given to the annual fashion movement that takes place every year in Tampa, Florida. It’s also the name of the organization who orchestrates the event with the goal of developing new gains in the fashion industry while abiding to their C.A.R.E. mantra: contextual modesty, affordable/sustainable fashion, responsible use of natural resources, and ethical hiring, casting a labor practices, according to their website.

But if you’re visualizing dresses with high collars and zero skin exposure, think again. Although the styles are significantly more modest than most looks shown on the runway, they are not sacrificing versatility for the sake of modesty. One attendee Silva Emerian covered the event for her blog, and many of the different designs can be viewed there. There were still plenty of shorter dresses, semi-low necklines, and high heels to be found on the models who walked. Emerian offered her own comments on the show, according to The New York Times.

“I think fashion is so important because it really represents yourself — how you see yourself, how you want others to see you. I want to show the young girls in our church that you can be stylish and still have a strong faith,” said Emerian.

Christian Fashion Week has uploaded a video on their site containing the entirety of their 2015 designer showcase. The video and more information can be found here.