Orange Is The New Black: Cheetos Debuts Apparel Line

No one can resist the smell of Cheetos- nor apparently its new line of Apparel either. Yes, this actually happened, Orange is the New Black.

Courtesy of (c), via Multivu.

No one can resist the smell of Cheetos– nor apparently its new line of Apparel either. 
Yes, this actually happened, Orange is the New Black. No, not in reference to the US Presidential election, nor the highly popular Netflix show; but the orange colored the snack brand, Cheetos, has dived in headfirst into the the high stakes fashion world, staking out a claim that the color Orange should be thought as the new fashion ideal. The designer? Well none other than company mascot Chester Cheetah himself, with mottos such as “Seriously Stylish. Seriously for Sale” the company is seriously putting its marketing department to the test. This is real, it is happening, and moreover it appears to be quite successful.

In less than a week, the majority of the products sold on its website are already sold out. Yes, sold out; and yes, some of these items are quite expensive, like a $20,000 dollar “eye of the cheetah” jewlery set, consisting of a gold, orange sapphire diamond ring and earring set:, a $29.99 Chester Cheetah’s Bathing Brief, a set of $59.99 “flaming hot pants” and of course, a $18.99 “cheeteau perfume”, which is “crafted from hand-extracted cheese oils taken from only the rarest Cheetos”. Snack aficionados are already scrolling trough the vast eBay catalog for second chances at snatching up the gear.


Tied together with a video announcing “the Fiercest Fashion Show” the company is gleefully showcasing its Winter 2016 collation. Including a “colour de Cheetos bronzer,” which is sold as “The color of cheese, the glow of the sun.”

We can only speculate what other late night cravings the company will come up with for its Spring collection. However the idea has taken the world by storm, and while we may laugh, it sold out status has caused quite a furor as the experts ask: Has pop culture gone too far in fashion?