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Best looks from the BET red carpet

The 16th annual BET Awards were filled with show stopping performances, inspirational speeches and glamorous styles. The BET awards featured an array of different patterns...

5 hand creams to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day!

Whether your mom tirelessly washes the dishes or she works with her hands a lot on her latest pottery hobby, there's no doubt she...

Retro beach-bound looks of 2016

You know what they say -- what goes around comes around. This is true especially for trends- recently, old-school styles and retro ensembles have...
Nicolas Ghesquière rumored departure

TOP 9 looks from Louis Vuitton Resort 2017 that will make your beach experience...

A rebellious spirit marries sophistication in Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Louis Vuitton Resort 2017 collection that’s full of thumb rings, baggy windbreakers and Oxford shoes with ankle cuffs.

Daisy Ridley: The stylish starlet to look out for

After starring as the first main woman Jedi in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Daisy Ridley has been thrown into a world of fame, fashion and...
bath accessories

Top 5 bath accessories: unwind with bubbles, oils and soaks

In this summer heat, relaxing in an outdoor pool may seem like the best choice, but sometimes all that chlorine and sun can take...

The perfect beauty products for a beach vacation

Here comes the sun... are you ready? Summer is here and so are these helpful beauty products! Take a worry-free splash and soak up some sun...
Miu Miu Logo

Elegance & kitsch: Top 11 best looks from Miu Miu Resort 2017

The Miu Miu Resort collection is a mix of elegance and kitsch that spans the eras of the 20th Century. The result will give a woman’s wardrobe new life.

Top 10 Boho Styles of 2016

With summer approaching, colors get brighter, patterns get wackier, and styles become freer. The trend that seems to reappear every summer is the classic...
Louis Vuitton

Top 9 looks from Louis Vuitton SS17 Menswear

The Louis Vuitton SS17 Men’s collection was a safari of beautiful monsters and intensely wearable clothing.
toms give back

10 fashion brands that give back

Like many consumers nowadays, I have become more aware of the brands that I spend my money on. I hope to invest in ethically-based fashion...

Top 10 trendiest outerwear for fall 2016

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to show off your fall fashion as the weather gets colder. However, outerwear is the category I...